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We are a group of University teachers, former corporate executives, and entrepreneurs, united by our passion for Education and our mission to help students craft meaningful careers.


The 4 skills that turn students into lifelong learners and career crafters:


Understanding and leading yourself better to prepare and sustain your journey.


Exploring and iterating to discover and open new possibilities, and enlarge horizons.


Committing to your choices and going deep to make a real impact and achieve continuous growth.


The glue that sticks it all together. Reflecting about experiences is the true catalyst for learning.

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I have to thank the team for preparing me for the next 10 years, while at the same time accelerating my career in the short run. I've learned to turn ideas into actions, to prioritize, to test fast, and to use failure as a learning tool.
They've helped me see the big picture of my career instead of focusing on the small steps. I learned to think deeply on the "Why" before the "What" and developed the ability to constantly challenge my certainties.
The support of this team when I had to make difficult choices in my career was both comforting and reassuring. They've encouraged me to step off the beaten path and craft my own career, while thinking strategically and following my passions.
I learned how to organize my thoughts to prepare my recruitment processes, and take the right early-career decisions. I am now a better professional, and worked on how I could improve my weaknesses and leverage my strengths in every aspect of my life.       

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